Discount Options

The discount options for our trainings open to general participation are as follows, and our participants can only benefit from one discount option.

Discount DescriptionDiscount rate
Children of Martyrs and Veterans70 %
Employees of QSI Clients30 %
QSI Staff and their 1st degree relatives30 %
Group Participation – 4 people or more30 %
Group Participation – 2 and 3 people20 %
Participants in the Training with the Reference of the Trainer20 %
Early Payment – Minimum 4- …. weeks payment before the training20 %
Early Payment – Payment 2-4 weeks before training10 %
Name of the StandardSpecial Discount GroupDiscount Rate
ISO 50001 Lead Auditor TrainingEnergy Manager40 %
ISO 45001 Lead Auditor TrainingClass A OHS Experts40 %
ISO 45001 Lead Auditor TrainingClass B OHS Experts30 %
ISO 45001 Lead Auditor TrainingClass C OHS Experts20 %