Education Conditions

1. Application, Registration and Payment Conditions

In order to create your training pre-registration, you must fill out the training application form on our website. Pre-registration does not entitle you to attend the training. In order for your pre-registration to turn into a final registration, the entire training fee must be paid and the payment receipt must be sent to us. The trainings on our site are excluding VAT and 18% VAT should be added to the payment amount and the participant and training description should be written in the payment description. Participants who have been registered will be notified through the e-mail address they provided at the application stage.

The registration deadline for the trainings is 3 working days (7 working days for online trainings) before the start date.

2. Cancellation and Refund Policy

In written cancellation applications made 14 days or more before the start of the training, the full fee is refunded. Refunds cannot be made for requests with a duration of less than 14 days, but the participant’s right to participate in subsequent trainings continues for 1 year.

QSI Academy may postpone or cancel the training due to force majeure (emergency, weather conditions, natural disaster, etc.) or due to insufficient number of participants. In such a case, if desired, a refund or registration for the next training is made.

3. Prerequisites for Training Participation

It is expected that those who want to participate in the lead auditor and Internal Auditor trainings will have received a minimum of 2 days of basic training on the Lead Auditor Training Standard.

There are no prerequisites for other trainings.

4. Certification Terms

Participants who attend 80% or more of the trainings are entitled to receive a certificate. Apart from this, the achievement criteria set for the training must be met in order to be eligible for certification (only for trainings that require achievement criteria). The participant agrees in advance that he/she will not request a certificate for a training that cannot meet these requirements.

5. Personal Data Protection

QSI Academy KVKK Terms are available on our website under the ABOUT US menu. By participating in our trainings, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and approved this text.

6. Complaints and Objections

You can make your complaints and objections regarding our trainings with the complaint appeal form on our website.

7. Special Conditions for Lead Auditor Training

Lead Auditor training consists of lectures, in-class workshops and a final exam. The QSI Academy Lead Auditor Training and Examination model is designed for participants to be competent and independent, and the trainings are conducted in line with a training plan approved by Exemplar Global.

a- Training Period

Lead Auditor Trainings are carried out for a total of 40 hours within a 5-day plan over 8 hours per day.

b- Workshops

Workshops and end-of-day tests designed to demonstrate competence are held throughout the education, and students are expected to actively participate in these workshops.

c- Continuous Evaluation

It is the instructor’s responsibility to continually assess participants’ auditing abilities and qualifications.

The criteria for these assessments are:

  • Participation in group work
  • Attending workshops, observing your behavior as a supervisor or lead supervisor, in addition to written assignments.

Participants who do not understand the materials, cannot participate in classroom activities, or behave unsuitable for a supervisor are personally briefed by the instructors. These participants must then show improvement in the remainder of the program to pass continuous assessment.

Exam scores and continuous assessment results are used to determine whether the participant is successful. Participants must pass both the exam and ongoing assessment to be successful.

Full-time course attendance is required to pass continuous assessment. If for an important reason (familial or medical emergency), participants are required to be absent from the class for a short time, permission from an instructor is required. Instructors will ask participants to do private practice to make up for missed topics.

d-Final Exam

Except for the continuous evaluation exercise and the evaluation to be made by the instructor according to your participation in the workshops, the exam, which takes a total of 2 hours, is held on the last day of the training and the minimum score for passing is 70. The trainees who fail the continuous assessment cannot attend the final exam.

e-Lead Auditor Certificate

A “Certificate of Achievement” is awarded to students who provide proof of proficiency in both examinations and continuing assessment. This certificate demonstrates that students have satisfactorily completed the educational requirements for auditor certification and/or registration by EXEMPLAR GLOBAL.

A “Certificate of Participation” will be given to students who are deemed competent in continuous assessment but are not yet competent in the exam. This certification is not accepted for certification and/or registration as an auditor or lead auditor under EXEMPLAR GLOBAL.

f- Right to Re-Exam

Students who are not yet qualified for certification, in the exam or in continuing assessment, are invited to retake a different exam within 12 months from the date of the first exam. The participant does not pay an additional fee for this service.

g-Candidate Auditor Process

Participants who pass the exam must complete the nomination processes determined by the certification bodies and other additional conditions, if any, in order to become an auditor and lead auditor in certification bodies.

Minimum requirements for auditor/lead auditor candidates who want to work in Certification Bodies accredited by TÜRKAK are specified in the Requirements Guide for Audit Team Members of R40.02 Management System Certification Bodies.

QSI Academy does not guarantee the completion of the candidacy to the participants of the training.