SMIIC 4 – Halal Cosmetics

SMIIC 4 – Halal Cosmetics

SMIIC 4:2018 is the guide that determines the rules to be followed for halal cosmetics production according to the SMIIC (The Standard and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries) standard. According to this standard, compliance with halal product rules is audited at every stage of production, such as the sources used, the production stage, packaging and delivery, in the production of halal cosmetic products, as in the production of halal food.

Halal cosmetics contain halal ingredients and are produced in a halal environment, under the supervision of Muslims, under the conditions of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) without contact with non-halal substances. Halal environment is a hygienic and clean environment where there are no haram substances (for example, pork and pork-derived ingredients). Products from animals, internal organs, etc. derived components are not used in halal cosmetic products. Synthetic components and extracts from plants are considered halal.

What is Halal Cosmetic?

Halal cosmetic products are products that contain halal ingredients and are produced under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) conditions in a halal environment, preventing contact with non-halal substances. Halal ingredients are synthetic ingredients and ingredients derived from plants. There are also exceptional halal animal ingredients of animal origin that are not considered haram. The sources of the raw materials to be used must be known and the raw materials must comply with halal standards. In halal cosmetic products:

  • Products obtained from the human body are not used (such as placenta, human oil),
  • Products from non-halal animals (such as dogs, pigs), internal organs, blood, etc. (such as gelatin) are not used,
  • It should not contain ethanol,
  • No GMO-containing products are used,
  • Hazardous and toxic materials are not used in terms of health,
  • Instead of animal-derived components (such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerin), their synthesis or plant-based ones are preferred.
  • The risk of contamination with haram substances during production should be eliminated.

In addition to these features, halal cosmetics should have other features required by safe cosmetics and should comply with the Cosmetic Law and other relevant legislation in our country.

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