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Unfortunately, the certification processes do not work in a healthy order in our in our country as in the world. Especially, many certification bodies authorized by accreditation organizations outside the Member States of European Union provide these certificates to their customers for a small fee. TÜRKAK has been carrying out a very rigorous process recently […]
Whether a certificate is required or not depends entirely on the contracting authority. However, being a certified institution is one of the preconditions in many public tenders held in our country. Contracting authorities performs controls of the certificates to ensure that all certificates submitted to the contracting authority are valid. In TÜRKAK accredited certificates, this […]
Yes, there is a validity period for the certificates and it is 3 years. However, in order for your certificate to continue to be valid, you must successfully pass surveillance audits every year. Certificate validity periods are written on the certificates and there is a certificate number on each certificate. With this number, you can […]
The accreditation of the institution from which you received a certification service can be suspended or withdrawn for any reason. In case of suspension, your cerrent certificate can be used in official work and dealings until the end of the validity period. However, when the accreditation of the certification body is cancelled, all certificates that […]
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