Building Materials G Mark

In our country, it is obligatory to obtain a G certificate in the presentation of construction materials that are not within the scope of the Construction Materials Directive.

Ready Mixed Concrete G Certificate

Ready-Mixed Concrete is subject to the “G Certificate of Conformity” within the scope of TS EN 206-1 standard, and the conformity confirmation system is “System 1+”. For this reason, ready-mixed concrete production facilities are required to obtain a G Certificate of Conformity.

In order to obtain the G Certificate, the concrete producer must first establish a Factory Production Control System in accordance with the TS EN 206-1 standard. The established system is subject to inspection by the Institutions accredited by TÜRKAK and Approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and samples are taken from each concrete class for the initial type test by these institutions.

If there is no nonconformity of the plant in the Factory Production System or the concrete samples taken during the controls, or if the detected nonconformities are corrected within the specified time, a “G Certificate of Conformity” with a validity of 1 year is issued for that ready-mixed concrete plant.

In addition, unannounced product inspections, which are one of the most important aspects of G Certification, are carried out at least three times a year at each production facility during the year after certification. The certificate validity periods of the enterprises that are successful in the facility and product inspections are extended by one year.