ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System

With ISO 10002, all phases of the institution or business will be taken into account. These standard organizations, which will take into account the necessary stage of production planning, will also operate in line with the principles of customer satisfaction after and during sales. It will also make a name for itself as a standards organization covering customers in general. It is in a position to consider complaints based on products or services. Customer-oriented complaints are generally handled within the quality system.

Within the scope of ISO 10002, there is no solution to the problems that arise within the product or service. It makes a name for itself as a standard that exists in a position that only listens to customers’ complaints and forwards them to the relevant places. It has been designed in a way suitable for the use of companies or businesses in every location and size.

What Are The Benefits of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System?

  • Shows what kind of way should be followed in line with the feedbacks coming from customers.
  • Improves the awareness and attention of employees on customers’ complaints.
  • Indicates that the customers are cared about.
  • Provides customer satisfaction.
  • Prevents recurrence of complaints and provides opportunity of solutions.
  • Increases reputation of the establishment.
  • Reduces costs of customer retention.

Who Can Use/Implement ISO 10002 Standard?

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Standard is a standard that can be implemented by any type and size of private establishment, public establishment or sector based on voluntarines that desires to satisfy their customers and provide service beyond the customers’ expectations.

ISO 10002 Complaints Handling Process

  • It is known as a standard created to provide feedback to customers after use. It is implemented in order to provide information about product and service quality and to further develop the target audience.
  • Adequate employee resources should be provided during the listening phase of customer complaints.
  • It is at the level where users can not only listen to complaints but also listen to their wishes, needs and expectations.
  • It is used for the purpose of getting down to the main cause of the complaints and finding a solution.
  • It is also effective in controlling the process after the complaint.
  • It also keeps the productive period in the processing of complaints under review.

Pros of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System

  • Considering the complaints of the customers, it provides a certain order in implementing the necessary processes in order to correct them.
  • It provides the transfer of all developments in the existing complaints of the customers.
  • It ensures that the negative developments of the customers are handled fairly.
  • Remains effective in identifying the weakest aspects of the institution or business.