ISO 20252 Market, Public Opinion and Social Research Management System

  • Public and social research on the market is generally carried out by media organs or non-governmental organizations. It can be revealed after asking questions about a certain topic to people from different wings of the society, and proportioning their response levels. However, the problem of trust in accessing this type of information can be expressed as the most common situation. ISO 20252 standards can be applied in order to avoid problems in ensuring that the information is valid, correct and reliable. It can be said that these standards are in an important position under the objective of the information collection process from the beginning to the end.

ISO 20252 was first introduced by the UK. It can be said that these standards were prepared with the participation of 30 countries. Since 2006, it has gained a global dimension and it has been ensured that every organization can provide confidence by using it. Among the benefits of requesting the ISO 20252 document are;

  • Organizations providing reliable, accurate and precise information.
  • Elimination of risky discourses and mistakes that emerged after the researches.
  • Being subject to legal regulations
  • Reputation of research companies
  • Gaining an edge over competitors
  • Establishment of a state of trust
  • Ensuring an increase in service level and quality
  • Accessing international opportunities
  • Making transactions simpler and faster
  • There may be situations such as the institution adopting a more productive identity.

With the emergence of ISO 20252 standards, there are some factors of change that are discussed. In addition to the cultural structures of the countries, factors such as their behavior and social criteria will also be addressed. Together with ISO 20252, all these criteria will be handled and it may be possible to act within a common market understanding. Regular exchange of information on social and political issues will be possible around these criteria.