ISO 22301 Social Security and Business Continuity Management System

With ISO 22301, it is the preparation of any business or society against external problems and revealing its own defense mechanism. Within the scope of these options, which exist under the name of social security, it manifests itself in relation to attacks on the personal information of companies or societies directly.

  • It is necessary to act in line with a certain standard in order for communities or businesses to have a more active functioning and not be interrupted. It is also pointed out that the threats that will create such problems should be foreseen. ISO 22301 has an important place in monitoring the processes such as estimating, detecting and taking precautions against these threats that will derive from different points.
  • Ensuring continuity in management based on standards will be called a situation that can constitute trust. It is necessary to have advanced foresight skills in order to carry out production or service activities without interruption. ISO 22301 standards will also be in a position to intervene in small, medium and large-scale enterprises or institutions to eliminate disruptions.
  • Natural disasters are also a situation that should be taken as a basis for social security and business continuity. At the same time, besides the problems related to computer systems, economic crises can also be expressed as serious reasons. It is necessary to act in a precautionary manner in order to take measures based on the work, even if the personnel who have an important role in the progress of the works leave or have to take leave due to various reasons. Within the scope of ISO 22301 standards, action will be taken within such possibilities. These standards will be based on the continuous performance of the works and the absence of any disruptions.