ISO 50001 Energy Management System

What Is ISO 50001?

Today, production increases day by day and concordantly energy resources decrease. The concepts of efficient use of energy resources, energy saving, energy efficiency, recycling and re-use in industries become crucial together with the increase in production. Considering all of these factors, it is inevitable to save energy and establish an energy management system.

Energy management is the efficient use of energy without making concession on safety, production quality and quantity and environmental responsibilities. ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard enables organizations to create processes and systems required for increasing energy efficiency, to implement and sustain these processes and systems. The standard includes all types of energy. It encourages all establishments to ensure effective energy management, reduce costs and to be sensitive to the environment.

What Are The Benefits of ISO 50001 Energy Management System?

– Reduces energy consumption through the projects that have been put into practice.
– Keeps the costs resulting from energy under control and reduces them.
– Keeps the use of available devices and equipment under control.
– Provides information on performance through the method of energy consumption monitoring.
– Provides efficiency to be increased and legal compliance.
– Reduces negative environmental effect caused by extravagancy.
– Increases prestige related to energy awareness in the society.
– Contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
– Saves resources in case of its integration with other management systems.

Who Can Use/Implement ISO 50001 Standard?

ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard has been created in a structure appropriate for the implementation by every kind and size of organization and private or public establishments as well as every establishment carrying on business in service or production sector. It directly concerns the establishments carrying on business related to energy.