Level 1 Mapping

At Level 1 ‘Mapping’ of Airport Carbon Accreditation, airports are required to measure and inventory their carbon footprints.

How to achieve?

To achieve this level of accreditation, an airport must:

  • Identify the ‘operational limit’, which are Scope 1 and Scope 2 sources, as defined by the GHG Protocol, and the emission sources within that limit.
  • Collect data and calculate the latest annual carbon emissions for these resources.
  • Compile a carbon footprint report.

More information

To plan how to reduce these emissions, an airport must know how much carbon it emits each year and from what activities and operations. Therefore, as a first step, an airport needs to measure its carbon emissions, also known as its carbon footprint. An airport can measure its own footprint with the help of the Implementation Manual or get support from a number of specialist companies. Airports can also use ACERT, the Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool, provided free of charge to its members by ACI World.

Accreditation Requirements

  • Policy commitment to reduce emissions. In the form of a signed policy statement (i.e. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Board of Directors) with publicly available written proof of the highest commitment to reducing greenhouse gas, carbon or energy. This can be a standalone statement or part of an existing policy statement (eg EMAS or ISO 14001) or report (eg Annual or Environmental Report).

The policy statement provides the opportunity to demonstrate commitment at the executive level, raise the importance of emissions reduction and energy efficiency, and develop a framework to meet the program’s requirements. The policy statement should be worded in a way that best meets the general needs of the airport. It can be prepared in the national language of the country, provided the third-party verifier confirms that it meets the program’s requirements. Disclosure will be made available to the public (eg Company website or publications). Relevant airport website links and documentation will be provided to the Administrator as part of the application.

  • Developing the carbon footprint for the airport’s scope 1 and 2 emissions. It is recommended that airports combine all important carbon footprint information and data in a Carbon Footprint Report.

Renewal Requirements

  • Annual carbon footprint submission for airport scope 1 and 2 emissions. The carbon footprint will be presented each year. Carbon footprint and regeneration practice, scope of reported emissions, differences in organizational boundaries, etc.