Level 4+ Pass

At Level 4+ ‘Pass’ of Airport Carbon Accreditation, airports are required to compensate by offsetting their remaining carbon emissions.

How to achieve?

To achieve this level of accreditation, an airport must:

  • Meet all the requirements of ‘Transformation’
  • To offset the remaining Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, as well as emissions from staff business travel, using internationally accepted offsets

More information

Carbon offsetting funds other projects that reduce carbon dioxide to compensate for emissions that cannot be eliminated. For example, an airport might pay for a wind power plant that replaces a coal-fired power plant.

Airport Carbon Accreditation has developed a bespoke Offsetting Handbook based on a study conducted by environmental consultancy Ecofys. Airports that decide to offset their remaining emissions are encouraged to consult this comprehensive guide to choosing reliable carbon credits.