ISO 17065 Product Certification

The process carried out to prove that the products comply with the relevant norms and standards is called Product Certification. Certification processes are carried out by Conformity Assessment Bodies accredited according to ISO 17065 standard. Certification activities may differ according to the standard of the product to be certified.

CE Certificate

CE Mark is a security mark used to ensure the free movement of products within the framework of compliance with the technical legislation of the European Union. The name CE is an abbreviation obtained using the initials of the expression Conformité Européenne. Products within the scope of 23 New Approach Directives, prepared in accordance with the technical legislation of the European Union, are required to bear the CE Mark.

If you are manufacturing or importing products that fall under one or more of the European Regulations that your products must comply with in order to obtain CE certification, you will need professional guidance to meet the essential requirements of these regulations.

Basic Principles:

  • CE marking is mandatory and unless a special directive requires otherwise, CE marking must be done before the product is placed on the market.
  • All directives must be complied with for products covered by more than one Directive.
    CE marking is not applied to products that do not fall within the scope of any directive.
    The CE mark is affixed to the product by the manufacturer producing the product or its resident Authorized Representative in the European Union or Turkey.
  • In case of enlarging or reducing the dimensions of the sign, the proportions should be adhered to.
    The CE mark must be affixed directly to the product in a clearly visible, legible and indelible way. In cases where it is not possible due to the nature of the product, it should be attached to the product packaging and, if any, the documents supplied with the product.
  • For products that require a Notified Body, the Notified Body's Identity Number must be used with the CE mark.

The manufacturer is primarily responsible for putting the products on the market as CE marked. If the manufacturer or the manufacturer's authorized representative is not in the European Union / Turkey, then the responsibility lies with the importer company. The importer has to guarantee that the imported products comply with EU norms.

CE marking methods;

  • Attachment by the manufacturer (self-declaration),
  • Attachment with the audit of the notified body.

In the system called “self-declaration”, the manufacturer can prepare a declaration of conformity for these products after meeting the conditions specified in the directive and affix the CE marking to the products.

In the other way, which requires the inspection of the notified body, the CE mark is attached to the products after the controls / inspections made by the Notified bodies whose names are published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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